The fact is – all companies that produce or manufacture must deal with polluted air streams and waste water. Using activated carbon, DESOTEC purifies these air and water flows and effectively neutralize the adsorbed chemical residues for customers, avoiding emissions of components that are harmful for human health, toxic for the environment or have a negative impact on climate change. Let us do the cleaning, so you can focus on your core business.

How we work? Full service, 24/7, tailor-made and best-in-class. We offer purification solutions for and with our customers. Close, collaborative relationships see us continually looking for improvements in reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to a cleaner world together.

  • Great ease of use. Simple to connect and start up: Plug & Play
  • Maximum flexibility with a wide range of filter sizes, which can be equipped with even more grades of activated carbon.
  • Designed as a transportable vessel and activated carbon filter meaning used and new activated carbon don’t need to be handled on site
  • Compact units to deal with a wide variety of flows and concentrations
  • No maintenance costs, not sensitive to capex.
  • By recycling the activated carbon, you ensure that all contaminants are neutralized, and they never see the light of day again

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Technical Director at a large waste treatment facility: “DESOTEC’s activated carbon filters ensure our compliance with waste water emission limit values”

Plant engineer at a leading manufacturing company: “DESOTEC has supported us for the engineering and supply of our process air purification, which allows us to capture odours and avoid emission to our neighbours”

Head of Operations, at an ashphalt producer: “DESOTEC’s mobile filters clean over 95% of VOCs which we send to the plant. We’re extremely happy with what we’ve got and how it allows us to run operations without worrying about emissions”