European Sustainable Development Week 2022

DESOTEC’s efforts to do business in a sustainable way

Celebrating EU Sustainable Development Week 2022 

Sustainability is at the very heart of what we do here at Desotec. We want to have a positive impact on the world we live in by protecting the environment with our innovative circular mobile filtration solutions.  

So for EU Sustainable Development Week (ESDW) this September, we’re taking the opportunity to see how we’re performing against this commitment. Plus, we’re exploring how our work contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 


Making our customers more sustainable 

The mission we are on every day is to protect our planet by providing companies with circular filter solutions for clean water, air and soil. Together, we’ve achieved the following:


Making Desotec more sustainable 

As a company, Desotec strives to be as green as possible, continually researching, developing and implementing ways to ensure we respect and conserve our planet’s natural resources. We’re proud to share some of our key corporate achievements towards the SDGs so far.  


Our sustainable filtration solution for a cleaner planet 

Our business model is based upon providing customers with full-service, circular solutions that preserve our planet’s natural resources. 

We take back all spent carbon from customers’ sites, destroy the adsorbed molecules, and reactivate the carbon wherever possible. It’s then returned to customers for reuse, driving down costs and boosting sustainability.  

A recent lifecycle analysis of our technologies demonstrated the climate-friendliness of this circular approach. Depending on the application, the carbon footprint of reactivated carbon can be just one quarter or one third of that of virgin activated carbon. 

There’s no resting on our laurels though: we’re always striving to do better. We’ll bring you more news about our green developments as they happen – watch this space! 

Find out how our circular solutions can help your business become more sustainable. Read our e-books and get in touch today!  




Sustainable mobile filtration solution for the treatment of air emissions 



Sustainable mobile filtration solution for the treatment of wastewater